Mid century Easter


I know, I know….. Easter is so last week! But I just had to share this Beauty with you all. We were blessed with such lovely Easter weather, a wonderful church service, and a fun little adventure afterwards. So fun that Greigh ended up in just her slip halfway through. Wait, actually the reason she was in her slip is because a bug managed to get caught in her dress. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the biggest “scaredy cat” when it comes to bugs. Yet somehow I stayed absolutely calm while taking off the dress & setting him free. In hindsight I’m absolutely shocked no one (or no thing (especially the dress) was injured in the process!

Anywho…. The Outfit!


The dress is vintage goodness from the 1950’s. Completely sheer, a little lace, and extremely awesome! Dad refers to it as lingerie but I’ll save that for another post. Haha. I scored it approximately a month before. And if you shop via IG you know the adrenaline rush I got as I refreshed the page 1,000 times until I claimed it. I wasn’t sure of the sizing so I prayed to the vintage gods that it’d fit. & they came all the way through. It was nothing less than perfect.

Dress: Lady Jane Vintage If you’re into Women’s Vintage. Her shop is a must.


Paired w/ bunny Mini Melissa, ruffle socks, and handmade (by me) flower crown. It made Easter hall of fame in our book. Making Easter much more special!

What made your Easter special this year?

Beary beary cute

I just want to start by saying I wish I dressed half as good as she. Like this is one of my favorite looks ever. & Guess what?! It’s all by the same brand 😱 Dress & shoes are sold out but I’ll link a similar look below. However, if you reallllly love the shoes I could possibly still get my hands on a pair.

Here’s a similar look:

Top – we have this & it’s lovely


Hat – Everyone loves this hat. It takes all the attention from the dress 😭


What I love about this is that it’s so versatile. It’s casual enough to wear anyplace. But that beautiful floral print and lace up shoes make it dressy enough for church (in our case.) We also had floral shades to add but remember what we talked about in the last post? Yeah… Well Ms. New Found Opinion didn’t want to wear her shades today. 😒


She’s always messing up my outfit and photo plans. Like she was extremely interested in the screws on the bench. Could care less that I was trying to get a good photo lol